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March 2017 

Letter from the Director

Library Modernization Update – Focus Groups

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

 Last week, we held four focus group sessions to learn what you, the users of the library, want in a modernized building.  Our architectural firm, Lothrop Associates, led lively discussions, asked the important questions, and recorded the answers of roughly 50 people who volunteered their time and opinions. I would have liked to thank all the participants here by name for their generosity, but that would invade their privacy – I just want all of you who participated to know how much we appreciate your efforts!  Also, for any of you who wanted to attend but couldn’t, please feel free to email me or call with your input.  Just remember that NOW is the time to express your opinion because once the designs are done, it is very expensive to change them!

 The architects will now take all the information they have gathered from the survey, the staff, the Modernization Committee, and the focus groups and begin to work on specific design plans.  This process will take a few months, but we will be keeping you posted on the progress. Keep an eye out for next month’s newsletter in which we’ll introduce you to the Modernization Committee members who have worked so hard to get us this far!

For more information or questions, please contact me at or 860-355-1191 x 210.


Consumer Reports

by Peggy Ganong, Librarary Technology Coordinator

 We all know about the magazine, Consumer Reports. It is often our go-to source for reviews on everything from electronics, to appliances, to home & garden products to clothes and toys for babies & kids.  However, did you know that New Milford Library has a subscription to the online version of this publication just for our patrons?

To access this valuable resource, go to Consumer Reports on our website under Library Services, Research Resources and off you go!

 In addition to searching for products of interest to you, there are also sections on:

  • Featured Products – where there are reviews and buying guides for products and services tested and selected by the publishers
  • Site Tools & Features – special sections on Car Buying Service, Find Home Service Professionals, Lower Prescription Drug Prices, and Credit Card Adviser Comparison Tool
  • Filing Your Taxes – Benefits of the Earned Income Tax Credit, Don’t Forget Medical Tax Deductions, Pros & Cons of a Tax Refund Advance, Dos and Don’ts of Itemized Deductions, Avoid Tax Scams (video), and Income Tax Guide


Finally, you have the option to view the current hard copy issue on your device.

So check out this wonderful tool and find links to so much more than what’s the best coffee maker to buy! 

Things You May Not Know

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

Like anyone who works for or volunteers for any organization, we at NMPL tend to assume people always know what we’re talking about. Have you gone to the doctor and been told something and it’s just too embarrassing to ask what they mean when they say you have to have an EKG, or an EEG, or whatever?! Just like your doctor, we want you to ask questions and it’s our fault, not yours, if we use a term you don’t understand.  For right now, here are a few things that maybe you didn’t know.

When you want an item, you can request it in any format whether NMPL has it in that format or not.  Perhaps you want to read a print form of a book that we only offer through hoopla.  Put in a request – we will either purchase it ourselves or obtain it from another library.

Your library card can be used in any public library in the state. Live in New Milford, but work in Brookfield?  Brookfield will welcome you as long as you have an up to date card.

NMPL is part of a consortium of over 60 libraries in the state, which enables you to see what they all have in the Bibliomation catalog. If you look up ‘Harry Potter’ and want to know what other libraries have, just click on the arrow next to New Milford, then on Bibliomation, and Search again. You can put a hold on anything, although some libraries won’t send audiovisual material, so we suggest either filling out a paper request or calling us for DVDs and CDbooks we don’t own.


A term you may hear quite a bit is ‘ILL,’ which stands for Interlibrary Loan.  That refers to items we get from libraries that are not part of our consortium. You’ll know they are interlibrary loans because they will have a white paper wrapped around them.  As a patron, the only difference for you between a consortium book and an ILL book is the amount of time you are allowed to have the item.  Consortium books are 3 weeks with one renewal of 3 weeks, while ILL books are 3 weeks with one renewal of only one week.

If there are questions you have always wanted to ask, please feel free to contact me at or 860-355-1191 x210.  

Coffee & Cookies With the Director

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

Talking to you is one of my favorite parts of the job.  In fact, it’s been a favorite part in all the different positions I’ve held here at NMPL, since I learn so much from you. However, I’m not out on the ‘floor’ as much as I used to be and I am missing the conversations and friendships. So, with the advent of a new year, I have added a cookie treat to my Tuesday Coffee with the Director program. Please drop in and say hello! Bring your ideas, bring your questions, or just say hi – I want to see you!


Who’s Who In the Library: Sue Ford

by Amy Berkun, Children’s Services Associate


If you grew up in New Milford or have a young child now, you know Mrs. Ford, NMPL’s extra-special Children’s Librarian. Sue started working part time at the library in 1980 and then became Head of Tech Services three years later. In 1986, she became Head of Children’s Services and has been in this position ever since. After 28 years (and counting!), Sue still loves her job. What is wonderful for Sue these days is that she gets to witness the cycle of life-new moms who used to be in story time when they were little are now bringing their children. It makes Sue happy to know that the magic of reading is being passed on to the next generation. In recognition of Sue’s career achievement in the field of children’s services, she received the 2016 Faith Hektoen Award from the Children’s Section of the Connecticut Library Association.

 The oldest of three children, Sue grew up on the south fork of Long Island in Amagansett, and lived there until she was age 15. She went to school with the same 17 kids from K-8th grade-at the same school her mother had attended. Sue met her husband Michael when she was 17 while she was doing a play in college. She has been married to Michael for 43 years and has a son Matthew, 39 and raised her niece Lainey, 27. Sue earned a MLS while working and being a mom. Since her childhood was spent near the water, Sue needs to visit the ocean or L.I. Sound often.

Sue has many interests, besides reading of course. She enjoys creating stained glass, glass fusion, mosaics, beadwork, as well as knitting, crocheting, and felting. She has been playing the mountain dulcimer for 33 years. She first heard its sweet sound at a Bethel fair.

Sue’s philosophy is to be kind and treat people the way you want to be treated. Make the world a better place and smile more often than you frown. Be sure to come to the library and visit Mrs. Ford who smiles a lot and definitely makes New Milford a better place to live!

Sue’s book recommendations are cozy mysteries and the Mitford series. She likes to reread The Chronicles of Narnia books and Mary Poppins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as well as The Harry Potter books.






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