Ebooks are now available for virtually all readers (except the basic Kindle - blame Amazon)

All you Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc. users can now check out books from the Library! It won't be quite as easy as it is for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, but at least they are free. Some of you may already use Adobe Digital Editions as a program to read books from Google or the Gutenberg Project, so you will be halfway there.  For those of you new to this whole borrowing experience, we are including the directions for all the different readers - just page through until you see what applies to your reader.  The first part is for iPhone et al, the second part is for the Kindle Fire, and the third part is for devices that are only readers. HOWEVER, no matter what device you use, FIRST you have to set up an account through Blio's Axis 360 (the Magic Wall, which is the catalog of ebooks), so make sure you don't skip the highlighted Axis 360 section as you scroll down.

Before you get to the instructions, please realize that ebooks are still a new business for the publishers and they still haven't quite figured out libraries' roles.  Several publishers, in fact, refuse to let libraries have their ebooks at all, so there are many authors you will not see in our catalog - it is not because we don't want to buy them or we forgot them, it is that we are not allowed to purchase them.  However, always ask, just in case we DID miss them!   Okay, now for the instructions:

Instructions for Setting Up a Blio Account

After clicking on "Download eBooks" on the left hand side of the homepage (http://www.newmilfordlibrary.org), you will be brought to this screen, the Magic Wall.  You must download the free reader program before doing anything else.
Click on ‘Get the App.’

You will then be brought to this screen. Choose the appropriate download for the device you are using.  Close the screen after Blio is installed and reopen Blio from the icon on your desktop.

After downloading and installing Blio, you must  create an account.

Blio requires an email address and a password, which must contain a minimum of six characters, including at least one upper case letter and one digit.

Minimize the screen once your account has been set up.  Return to the Magic Wall, which is still open in your browser. Because the collection is so small to begin with, only patrons with New Milford Public Library cards will have access.


Axis 360 Account Setup

Go back to the Magic Wall, click on Login in the upper right hand corner.  A login screen will come up asking for your library card number and your pin.  This pin is the last 4  digits of your phone number, whether you have changed it to something else with Evergreen or not.

It will then open to a larger screen and you will need to enter the same phone number pin, a username, and the email address you used to set up the Blio account.

Now you are logged in, you can browse the books in the collection. Click on a title to see more about it.

To check out a title, just click on Checkout Here. Just like print books, a title may be checked out to only one person at a time.  Close the Magic Wall after you have checked out your title and re-open Blio.

You will need to enter your username, your email address, and the Blio password (which then becomes your pin in New Milford’s access).

The title you choose will then download to your Blio library. You will need to click on ‘sync with book vault’ in order to access it from every device on which you have downloaded Blio.

And this is how your book will look!!!

All of this work was simply to set up the accounts. Once you have done this, all you will need to do is click on New Milford Public  Library’s access, choose your book, and check it out (or put it on hold).  It will be in your Blio account for three weeks, where you can read it any time and anywhere.


For the Kindle Fire:


To start the process, please make sure you are on the home screen.  The home button is the option in the lower left that looks like a house.  In the upper right of the screen, you will see the settings icon.  It looks like a star burst or circular gear.  Touch this icon.




Select the option that says More.




In the next screen, you should see a list of options.  Select the option for “Device.  Please note

that you may need to scroll the screen up to find it.








Please remember to set this option back to “off” when finished.

In the next screen, select “on” for the option to “Allow Installation of Applications for Unknown Sources.






Next it is time to download the app.  Go back to the Fires home screen.   Click on the tab at the top right for web.




Type in the following URL:  http://bits.blioreader.com/update


When the page loads you will see several file options to click on.   Choose the link named

KNFB Blio 2.5.1 PROD.apk.


After you do this, you should see a number in the upper left of the kindle fire.  Touch this area.




After touching that area, you should see the  KNFB Blio 2.5.1 PROD.apk downloading.


Once the orange bar finishes going to the right, the download will be complete.  Touch where is

says KNFB Blio 2.5.1 PROD.apk Download Complete.


The next screen will list the permissions the app requires. Click on the word Install in the grey area under the permissions.


You should then see a line that says Installing.




After it finishes it will say Install Complete. Click “Done at the bottom of the screen.


Press the home button on the Fire to go back to the home screen.   You should see the icon for Blio in your carousel at the top.  Touching this icon will start up the app.  Or you may select the Apps option at the top of the Fire screen and you will see Blio available.


Launch Blio app.

Log in with your Blio ID.

Blio will synch with your Book Shelf and bring in purchased titles and borrowed items from Axis



For all ebook readers except the basic Kindle that are not
iPad, iPhones, Android, or Kindle Fires

Using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

Download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to your computer.
While you are at the ADE website, register if you do not already have an Adobe account.
(Your Adobe registration does not have to be the same user name and password that you used for your Blio account; however many people do use the same logon information to make it easier to remember.)

Setup ADE on your computer
Authorize ADE on your device
If ADE does not “see” the device, try the following steps.

Downloading eBooks
This is not a standard download like you have seen or used in the past, this download is an .acsm link.
After you purchase or borrow your book, click the download link or box.
You should be asked if you want to open (do NOT choose to “save” the book) in “digital editions” click yes. If you are given the option to ALWAYS open the .acsm link in this program, choose yes or put the checkmark in the box.
ADE will open and your book will be downloaded into ADE.

If you do not have the option to always use ADE to download the following steps will allow you to opt in for this:

Getting the book to your device
Once everything is downloaded, installed and authorized:
"Grab" the book (that you have previously purchased or borrowed and downloaded into ADE) that you want to copy to your device, drag it over to the “device name” (on the left hand side of ADE) and drop it in.