How to Set Up Your New Library Elf Account with Evergreen

Please note that our library, New Milford Public Library (, has changed the login procedure due to the introduction of our new computer system, Evergreen (BibliOak) and now requires a password. In order for Elf to continue monitoring your library card you will need to update your Elf account to include this password information.

Your initial password for Evergreen is the last four digits of your home phone number. For instructions on how to register with the Evergreen system go to new password.

Once you establish that your user name and new password works by logging in to our library website, then sign into your Elf account and add your password to your card information. You don't have to change the card number field.

The steps for updating your Elf account are:

1. Sign into your Elf account at
2. Click the View My Account Settings link (or click My Account on the menu).
3. Click the Add or Edit link on the Library Cards tab.
4. Click the Edit icon (pencil) to edit the card that needs the password information.
5. Click the floppy disk icon to save this change.

See for more information.

Note that until you update the password information in your Elf account, Elf will not be able to monitor your library account.

Best regards,

Elf Support Team,