New Milford Public Library
Wireless Internet Policy

The New Milford Library now offers free wireless Internet access for patrons to use with their laptop computers or other wireless devices.


To use this service to access the Internet, patrons need a library card.

Patrons will need to provide their own laptop computer or other wireless device with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless networking.

If their laptop computer or other device does not include wireless networking, patrons must purchase one of a variety of external laptop pc cards and USB devices; the Library cannot provide any of these devices for loan or purchase.

Patron Access Privacy

Any patron information collected (i.e. library barcode) by the wireless provider will be deleted after 24 hours.

Limitations and Disclaimers

We have 2 access points which enables wireless access to be available in most areas of the Library. However some "dead" spots may exist where patrons may have trouble accessing the Internet or staying online. This problem may be eliminated by moving to a different location within the library.

The wireless internet access we offer is unfiltered, however patrons must agree to abide by the New Milford Public Library’s Internet Use Policy. This policy states the limitations of internet access, patron responsibilities for using that access, and examples of acceptable and unacceptable uses.

The Library's wireless network is not secure. Information sent to and from your laptop computer or other wireless device may be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software.

Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance and no guarantee can be made that you will be able to make a wireless connection.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop computer or other wireless device configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the Library's wireless access.

New Milford Public Library
Non-Partisan Policy

The New Milford Public Library is a non-partisan institution. It maintains strict neutrality in regard to politics, religion, social or racial issues and other partisan topics.

Within the library collection can be found books and other materials describing various political philosophies, religious teachings, social or racial issues, and other partisan viewpoints. These materials are provided expressly for the information and education of library users. The library neither supports nor condemns any of these viewpoints.

No one shall attach onto or insert into library materials or property or display extraneous flyers, leaflets, business cards, or other printed messages supporting or condemning specific political, religious, social, or other partisan viewpoints. Patrons finding any such items on or in library materials or property are encouraged to bring them to the attention of the library staff.

New Milford Public Library
Gift Policy

The New Milford Public Library is grateful for all gifts or bequests made to the library in the form of money, securities, property or materials. The New Milford Public Library will encourage and accept gifts of library materials with the understanding that gifts of materials will be added to the collections only if they meet the same standards of value required of materials purchased. Gifts to the library are considered outright and unrestricted donations to be used in the best interest of the New Milford Public Library. If the material is deemed appropriate for the collection, it will be added; if not, it will be given to the Friends of New Milford Public Library.

The New Milford Public Library employees do not provide evaluations of gifts for tax deduction or other purposes, but will provide the donor with a statement of the number of volumes and the type of material accepted. For the protection of the donor, it is recommended that such appraisals be done by a qualified disinterested party before bringing donations to the library.

Moreover, the New Milford Public Library is not to be interpreted as a depository for records, in any format, owned or loaned by agencies, organizations, or individuals, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Materials donated as bequests and memorials are encouraged. Donors should consult the appropriate Librarian for Reference, the Junior Library or Public Services before purchasing items for the library to insure they are not already in the collections and to be approved as appropriate for the library. Memorials will be marked with an appropriate bookplate and notice sent to family members. Monetary donations, bequests, and memorials are encouraged. All donors should consult the Library Director for further information.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees
September 15, 1999

New Milford Public Library
Database Selection Policy

The goal of the New Milford Public Library is to select database products which meet the informational and educational needs of New Milford Public Library patrons and which enhance the reference collection.

Selection of databases will be based on the following considerations:


* Is the information contained in the database comparable to a printed work in scope
* Is it complete or abridged


* Is the information contained in the database more current than that contained in a printed work
* Is the database updated annually, quarterly, weekly, daily


* Is the database available as a multi-user (unlimited), multi-sim-
ultaneous user arrangement
* Is remote access available via the World Wide Web


* Is the interface Windows compatible and is it CARL (Menu Builder) compatible
* Does the software allow for more powerful, flexible search capabilities
* Is there a Web based version


* Is the cost of the database less than or equal to the printed work
* If the cost is more than the printed work, does the coverage, currency and access justify the cost
* Is the content used by enough patrons to justify purchase
* Is remote access cost relative to number of users gaining access

Approved by Library Board of Trustees
Date: April 14, 1999


The New Milford Public Library has created lists of Internet sites (URL) organized by subject on both the Public Access Internet Computers (Bookmarks) in the library and on the Library's homepage (Internet Links). These addresses are selected to provide patrons with useful, reliable information sources that supplement the Library's collections.

The Assistant Director/Information Services Librarian is responsible for selecting Internet sites based upon a modified Library Materials Selection Policy. The ultimate selection will be determined using the following criteria:

Sites suggested by patrons will be subject to the same criteria above before consideration. Additionally, the Assistant Director/Information Services Librarian will also consider their professional training and specific knowledge of the community in determining the appropriateness of a proposed site.

Personal sites will not be selected. Additionally, any sites which promote a (for profit) business, activity or group will not be considered. The selection of any site does not constitute or imply support of that particular site by the New Milford Public Library.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees
September, 15, 1999

New Milford Public Library
Internet Policy

The Internet is a powerful tool for finding information, but it is not always a substitute for other library resources. Patrons are encouraged to ask the Reference Librarian for assistance in finding the best sources for their research.

The New Milford Public Library does not assume responsibility for the accuracy, content, completeness or type of information found on the Internet. Users have access to millions of Internet sites available via the World Wide Web; the library does not utilize any methods of blocking access to materials based on content. In addition, library staff will not monitor an individual's use of any sites except when materials displayed on the screen are not appropriate in a public environment. (See below-obscene)

Children 15 years and younger may use the Internet in the Junior Library. A parent or guardian must complete a permission form. This form is available in the Junior Library.

Guidelines for Use

There are eleven (11) public access terminals available for Internet use. Four in the Childrn's Library (use restricted to children 15 and under) and seven in the Adult Reference department (use restricted to those 16 and over).

Please follow these procedures:

Approved by Library Board of Trustees
March 17, 1999

New Milford Public Library
Public Fax Policy

The New Milford Public Library has made available a fax machine for public use.

Reference staff will assist patrons who wish to send a fax. The fee for sending faxes is $1.00 per page.

Patrons may also receive faxes. The incoming documents will be collected, and the patron will be contacted by phone. If the patron cannot be contacted or fails to pick up the document within one (1) week, the document will be discarded.

Incoming faxes are free of charge; however, patrons must have the sender include contact information such as NAME and PHONE NUMBER.