For the comfort and protection of all who use the library, patrons are asked to
follow these guidelines while in the library or on library grounds:

1. Please keep the volume of your voice and activity low to not disturb other patrons. Use headphones when listening to content on computers or other devices.
2. Phone conversations may only be held in the 3 foyers at the entrances to the library.
3. All aisles, walkways, and exits must be kept clear.
4. Seating areas are for quiet study. Sleeping is not an appropriate use of library space.
5. Respect library property. Leave furniture and equipment clean, undamaged, and in its original layout.
6. Drinks must be covered and kept away from library computer workstations.
7. We will ask you to leave if you bring food or alcohol into the library, or if you smoke on library property.
8. You must leave the library at closing, unless participating in a library sponsored program.
9. The only animals allowed in the library are guide dogs.
10. Shirts and shoes must be worn.
11. Solicitation, as well as panhandling, is not allowed.
12. Request permission from a library supervisor before taking photographs.
13. Roller blades, skateboards, and other athletic equipment may not be used on library property.
14. Be responsible about what you view online. Remember there are children around.
15. Treat all library staff and patrons with respect, and use clean language. Any actions that are perceived as harassment or
threatening will not be tolerated.