Announcing a BRAND NEW SERIES that will provide you with easy-to-understand guidance on how to manage your finances.

Financial Literacy Basics

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In addition to the online links above, we also have several of the guides in print form that you may check out. Go into the New Milford Public Library catalog and do a title search on Financial Literacy Basics and select the one(s) you want. (Please note that the books are from 2017 and the databases are updated with data from 2019 -2020.)

This new series (2019-2020) of eight volumes provides readers with easy-to-understand guidance on how to manage their finances. Designed for those who are just starting out and for those who may need help handling their finances, this series outlines, step-by-step, how to make the most of your money, which pitfalls to avoid, and what to watch out for, and give you the necessary tools to make sure you are fully equipped to manage your finances.

Filled with valuable information alongside helpful worksheets and planners, these volumes are designed to point you in the right direction toward a solid financial future, and give you helpful guidance along the way.
Click on an any of the images above to download the volume or to open the full PDF.