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July 2017 

Letter from the Director

Step By Step

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

Thanks to the hard work of the Modernization Committee, Lothrop Associates, the Library Board of Trustees, NMPL staff, Mayor Gronbach, the Town Council and YOU, the next phase of architectural plans for the improved library was approved on June 12th!!  This next phase is called design development and specifies exactly where the plumbing, electric, etc. goes – all the nitty gritty. The first phase (schematic design) has been completed and shows the actual layout of the library. Please come in and take a look as the story boards are now available to see along the ramp way leading to the lower level of the Main library.  I am very excited and pleased with these plans and I am sure you will be, too.  More and better room for children and teens, more study areas, and a lovely reading room for adults!

FRIENDS of NMPL – Annual Book Sale

by Peggy Ganong, Librarary Technology Coordinator

From July 6 – July 8, the FRIENDS of New Milford Public Library will hold their annual Book Sale at the New Milford High School. Please stop by and find some fabulous items at fabulous prices!


Money Savers – Part 3

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

The focus of this month’s Money Saver is geared toward those of you in the local business community.  We have resources that will save the entrepreneur quite a bit of money, ranging from one-on-one advice from SCORE representatives to a database that will provide templates and advice.

SCORE representatives provide free consultations on a wide range of small business topics.  These volunteer mentors offer their time in NMPL on Fridays, providing two appointment slots at 2:30 and 3:30 PM.  You can call the Reference Desk (860-355-1191 x4) to make your appointment.

While individual, face to face advice is invaluable, Fridays may not work for you.  If you have a library card and internet access, you can tap into our Small Business Reference Center (scroll down the page to Business Resources) any time that’s convenient for YOU.  Need a new business plan? Look at all the choices in the screenshot below, as well as information on obtaining a loan, forecasts, and even start-up forms.


Need basic information on instructing new employees or work place problems? The database addresses those and many other issues, too.


We also have a new research tool as of July 1st, AtoZdatabases, to assist in finding information ABOUT businesses, but it offers much more than that.  It will help provide financial info about corporations, sales leads for your own business, help finding jobs, and even help finding people.  No one has a phone book anymore and when you look someone up online, it frequently says you have to pay a fee to obtain the info you need.  AtoZ will find phone numbers and addresses for people, but will also share any criminal background info.

AtoZdatabases is the premier Reference, Research, Marketing, Mailing Lists/Sales Leads, and Job-Search Database. The databases includes 30 million business & executive profiles, over 220 million residents  with interests, hobbies  and lifestyles information, over 7 million real-time job listings, 2 million new businesses, over 12 million healthcare professionals, over 12 million new movers, 2 million new homeowners, and much more.

Set up your account and you will have access to all of the following features:

  • Job Search & Résumé Templates
  • Free Mailing Lists and Sales Leads
  • Find a Business Profile
  • Background & Criminal Search
  • Find a Person

We’ll be having info sessions on how to use it in August if you have questions, but take a look now and see all that it can provide.

All of this would cost you a pretty penny if you were to hire a consultant, so take advantage of what your library offers!

Elevator Saga

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

We are (hopefully!) coming to the end of our year-long elevator saga.  In case you have somehow missed this depressing tale, the short version is that inspection revealed last July that the 40 year old control electronics were about to go, so we contracted to replace them.  Because parts had to be manufactured to specific dimensions, this took six months.  The new inspection after the electronics were installed, revealed that hydraulic fluid was leaking from the jack that actually moves the elevator.  After 6 more months of manufacturing specific parts (no such thing as pre-made for a 40 year old elevator!), installation is occurring as I write.  The elevator should be ready to be inspected shortly and, depending on how long it takes for an inspector to come, we should be good to go very soon.   (And that’s the short version!) This has been a nightmare for you, for us, and for the town – but we should shortly have a smoothly operating, silent, and, most importantly, SAFE elevator.  Thank you so much for your patience!

Digital Literacy Classes

by Rachael Schuster, Digital Literacy Associate

The following 3 classes will be offered in the month of July here at NMPL:


Coffee & Cookies With the Director

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

Talking to you is one of my favorite parts of the job.  In fact, it’s been a favorite part in all the different positions I’ve held here at NMPL, since I learn so much from you. However, I’m not out on the ‘floor’ as much as I used to be and I am missing the conversations and friendships. So, I have added a cookie treat to my Tuesday Coffee with the Director program. Please drop in and say hello! Bring your ideas, bring your questions, or just say hi – I want to see you!

Who’s Who At NMPL: Meet Anne Adams – President of the FRIENDS of New Milford Library

by Amy Berkun, Children’s Associate

The NMPL has the best FRIENDS! In fact, The FRIENDS of NMPL won the 2017 Group Award from The Friends of Connecticut Libraries organization, “a statewide support group whose members believe libraries are essential” due to their hard work and dedication to our library.  Since the library’s elevator has been inoperable for the past year, the FRIENDS group has carried hundreds of boxes and other items down two flights of stairs to the sorting/storage area in the basement. Anne grew up on Long Island and worked in Manhattan as an office manager for over 30 years. In 1996, she met her husband and they decided to relocate to his hometown of Jacksonville, FL. Anne missed the change of seasons the Northeast offers so, in 1999, they moved again and settled in Putnam Lake, NY, where she began working in the real estate industry. Sadly, her husband passed away in 2001. During the years, Anne frequently found herself traveling over the hills of Sherman and discovering New Milford.  In 2008, she sold her home in NY and moved to New Milford.  She then began volunteering for the FRIENDS, became a board member, then Vice President and currently serves as President. Anne also became involved in “process art” and facilitated workshops in creativity. She believes that the process of creating art, rather than focusing on the end product, can be the most rewarding and enjoyable experience. Besides her art, Anne enjoys playing her piano. She is an avid reader who loves mysteries and historical fiction novels.



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