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Monthly Newsletter – April 2019


Letter from the Director

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

Every time you visit the Library, you are probably wondering why nothing seems to be happening. It actually IS happening, just all behind the scenes. There is an enormous amount of planning on our part that needs to happen before we can consolidate the entire Library into the original old building. Where is there wiring for the computers? How many do we need? What shelving will we use? What furniture can we retain for the interim? Where will particular staff be located? Do we need the laminator? Where will the copier and fax machine go? How many checkout computers do we need? And, most important, what part of the collection do we keep out of storage?

In addition, we are still waiting for approval from the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). The architects, some Committee members and SHPO staff met, verbally agreed on revisions and now those revisions are in SHPO’s hands for final approval. Keep your fingers crossed – we should hear this week!

 The next step is to hire a Clerk of the Works to oversee the day to day project, so the Modernization and Building Committee is working on a job description and advertisement.

 Believe me, once all the squishing into small quarters and actual construction begins, you are probably going to wish this in-between-time was back!


Library pen and ink drawing

Web Site Enhancement
by Peggy Ganong, Library Technology Coordinator

Many of you have visited our web site many times, but I do not know whether you have really taken advantage of all the features we have available. Well beginning in March, I have just added a new feature on the home page called “Did You Know”. Each month I will be highlighting a different feature or section to encourage you to explore some areas you might find interesting and/or helpful. 

This month focuses on the different services that we have available that you may sign up for for free. This includes adult programs, newsletters, Library Elf, Burbio and Wowbrary. You probably do not even know what some of these services are! So stop by at our Web Site and see what it’s all about! As always we are also eager to hear from you as to any areas that you would like to see added or improved. Just email me at pganong@biblio.org


Tech Programs
by  Rachael Wright, Digital Library Associate











Saying Good Bye to Rose

by  Sally Tornow, Library Director



Librarians are in short supply and one of ours has been stolen by New Haven Public Library!  Well, actually, she was offered a job doing what is her first love, running their Maker Space.  So, we are saying goodbye to Rose Simpson, our Young Adult Librarian, and wishing her well in her new position.  Her last day with us will be April 12th, so make sure you say goodbye before then! 





Library H3lp

by Sally Tornow, Director

Keep an eye out for a trial run of a new service coming in April.  Most consumer websites have a chat button nowadays, so we are going to try it for 3 months to see if you like it and find it useful.  We’re not really sure how it will work at this point, so we can’t describe it in detail, but please let us know once it becomes live!

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