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Monthly Newsletter – December 2017

Letter from the Director
by Sally Tornow, Library Director


Well, the mad rush for the holidays has begun and I wish you all a happy and relaxed season!  Here at the library, we celebrated the end of a good year (the elevator was fixed and we have moved forward on modernization plans!) by getting together for a potluck dinner last night.  I am so grateful for the amazing staff we have that can offer you such terrific service, but I am also so grateful that this staff enjoys each other’s company and WANTS to spend time together outside of work.  May you also be so blessed in your workplace!

Here are some pictures from last night’s party – we had a wonderful time!


Could these be any prettier?!


And could that jacket be any louder?! 


Ellen and Cathy wish you Happy Holidays!


Sue, Maryann, and Sherry hope you have as wonderful a Holiday party as we all did.



Another perk to working at the library – EVERYONE can cook!

Operation Gratitude
by Peggy Ganong, Library Technology Coordinator


NMPL’s Knit Wits group invites you to join our Community Service Project: knit or crochet scarves to thank and support all of our deployed U.S. service members. Stop by the library to pick up an information packet. The project will run from November 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018. The scarves will be sent in several shipments over time, so please deliver your projects to the library as they are completed. For more information, please contact Sue Ford or Jody Hyman at 860-355-1191 x2. 



New Catalog Features
by Peggy Ganong, Library Technology Coordinator


Bibliomation has been hard at work trying to improve both the appearance and functionality of the library catalog.  Below are links to some of the newest features. Check them out! (CTL + Click to follow the link)

Catalog and Search Enhancements

OPAC Enhancements


Bet You Didn’t Know This!
by Sally Tornow, Library Director


Many of us at NMPL have worked in libraries our entire lives, so we tend to forget that people who haven’t, have no reason to know how some things work. This is just a little cheat sheet on why or how we do various things.

Q:  Why you can’t renew that book, even if you haven’t finished it.

A:   Someone else is waiting for it.


Q:  Why can Axis360 and OneClick ebooks only be checked out by one person at a time (they’re digital, right? So, they should be accessible by multiple people at a time, right?)

A:   Publishers aren’t that fond of libraries loaning ebooks – they would much rather you bought them. In  my opinion, and I am only half kidding, they think all of you are tech savvy enough to steal that digital copy and disseminate it to all your friends for free. When we offer a book through those sources, we have paid a license fee for the digital right to the book.  We are allowed one license per title, which is fair.  We buy multiple copies of print books, so we should buy multiple copies of digital ones.  However, we aren’t buying the book, we are buying the license to share the book and that license either lasts forever ($60+ per book) or one or two years ($26 per book).  This is also the reason why the ebook collections are so small – $60+ per book is exorbitant and not many licenses can be purchased at that price.


Q:  Why do we charge fines and what happens to that money? 

A:   In this case, libraries can be different from each other.  We charge fines because we use that money to buy new material and count it as part of our operating budget.  Many of you are so kind as to say that you look on paying your fines as a donation to the library, so be assured that the money is put to good use within the library.


Q:  Some of you might not be New Milford residents, but you use NMPL as your library. 

A:   CT is a wonderful state that allows you to use your card in any public library, but unfortunately there are a few restrictions.  While you can go to a library and check out anything, you cannot use another library’s databases or digital items, because the service from which we get these items requires that the use be limited to that library’s card holders.  There are a few that the State Library purchases which are open to any CT library card holder, but most services don’t want libraries to share resources since they won’t make enough money.


If we missed any questions you might have, please feel free to ask!  My email is and since I was originally a Reference Librarian, I love to answer questions!


New Catalog Search Option
by Peggy Ganong, Library Technology Coordinator


We now have available a search for MP3 CD audiobooks that will allow you to search by that specific format, instead of having MP3s mixed with regular CD audiobooks.  It appears on the Basic Search screen, in the Format dropdown box.

Here is an example of the results of the new search:

Stephen King

Also, in cases where an MP3CD was included with a set of regular CDs, we consider the regular CDs to be the dominant form, so they will remain indexed under the CD Audiobook search.


You may need to close your search and log back in to see the new search. If it doesn’t show up right away try clearing your browser’s cache.


We hope you find this new search to be useful.


Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!



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