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Monthly Newsletter – January 2018


Letter from the Director
by Sally Tornow, Library Director

Much as I love the holidays, I have to admit a sneaking relief that they are over, that 2017 is done, and that we can start a brand new year all fresh and clean.  Whether you are a New Year’s resolutions type of person or not, a new year always affords us the opportunity for optimism and change.

The library is looking forward to being able to offer a faster internet service with the advent of our fiber optic connection going live.  We will be offering Kindle Fires for loan so that you can try out  how our e-resources work.  We have shifted all of our non-fiction DVDs to the shelving opposite the foreign films for easier browsing.  I’m betting many of you didn’t even know we had wonderful biographical and historical DVDs like all of Ken Burns’ marvelous works or Band of Brothers or JFK!

On a smaller note,  take a look at your receipt when you check out your items next time – at the bottom it will show you how much money you saved by borrowing instead of purchasing the items.  Always nice to know you’re saving money.

Of course, modernization plans continue as the architects develop the construction plans and work with the town departments to offer you the best library possible. 2018 is going to be a great year!


Operation Gratitude
by Peggy Ganong, Library Technology Coordinator                      

NMPL’s Knit Wits group invites you to join our Community Service Project: knit or crochet scarves to thank and support all of our deployed U.S. service members. Stop by the library to pick up an information packet. The project will run from November 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018. The scarves will be sent in several shipments over time, so please deliver your projects to the library as they are completed. For more information, please contact Sue Ford or Jody Hyman at 860-355-1191 x2. 




What Does the Library Really Give You?
by Sally Tornow, Library Director

 You’ve all heard many times that there is no need for libraries anymore since we have the internet.  If you are reading this, you obviously don’t believe that, but what exactly DOES the library provide?

Read for Free

Yes, we have lots of books, as you know, but did you know how much you are saving by checking out James Patterson’s latest?  The cost of an average adult nonfiction hardcover book is $28.00, an average children’s hardcover book is $18.00, an average adult fiction paperback book is $16.00, a CDbook is $22.00 and an eBook download is $15.00.

Magazines and Newspapers for Free

Magazine titles from Time Magazine to People to Mother Earth New, including a year of back issues are available for loan. Or you can use our new download service, Zinio, to read on your device. Local newspapers and the Wall Street JournalUSA TodayNew York Times and others are available for reading in the library. The average cost of a magazine is $5.60 per issue and the average cost of a digital-only newspaper subscription is $15.11 per month.

Free programs for Adults

Where else can you see new release-on-DVD movies, foreign films, historical programs, hands-on craft programs, or participate in book groups, a knitting group, a cooking group? Movie: $5.00 Tuesday nights, Educational program at local college: $10.00, Korean Lantern Program: $5.00, Making friends in a group: priceless.

Internet and Wi-Fi

You can have free internet access and Wi-Fi, all you need is a library card.  You may also check out hotspots to provide service at home. The average cost of internet service is $45/month for the slowest service.

Learn a Foreign Language

If you’re traveling abroad on business or vacation, then check out the free Mango language learning database. Or if English is a second language for you, Mango can help with that, too.  Rosetta Stone costs $124 on Amazon for Level One Arabic.

Job Preparation 

Learning Express enables you to study for hundreds of tests, including civil service, military entrance exams and preparation tests for SAT/ACT, MSAT, LSAT and dozens of others. You will find practice tests at all levels. You can practice, save your test, see your results and try again all for free. JobNow will assist you in finding a job (see accompanying article). Test prep course can cost $1000.

Find Your Family History

For family genealogists, we offer free access to search programs such as Ancestry.com, and HeritageQuest.com. Ancestry requires you to search in the library, but HeritageQuest will allow you to search from home after logging into the State Library with your library card number. The cost of an online genealogy membership is $19.99 per month.

Free Services for Parents

We are a significant resource to parents. Where else could your children find a free summer program that encourages reading, allows them to take home armloads of books free and usually gives them prizes for encouragement? Throughout our summer programs, authors, wildlife experts and a myriad of others drop by bringing their special knowledge to share.  We have a collection of parenting books, thousands of DVDs for the kids (and adults, too!), and a staff that can help you or your child find the exact right title.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you already have a library card, but please share this article with friends who might not. Obtaining a library card is simple: visit the library, fill out a card application, present identification and you have instant, free access to a world of information. – give this free gift to a friend who may not have it! 


by Peggy Ganong, Library Technology Coordinator

JobNow is a very powerful service that provides you with practical tools to help you get a job as well as a learning library with live skills building and an extensive directory of lessons, videos, practice tests for college entrance, college placement, grad school and an ESL center  On the home page, you have three services to choose from:

1. Resume Builder: Featuring our Resume Lab, our Resume Builder provides the resources you need to craft a winning resume.

2. Job Interviews: Featuring our Interview Coach Service, this section provides resources to help you prepare for your interview.

3. Career: Featuring our Live Job Coach, Career Assessments, Job Resources, SkillSurfer (learning library), eParachute (discover the college majors and careers that match your skills and interests) and a section with resume creation software.

There is even a Search Box option which enables you to search for jobs by title, keywords, company name and/or city, state or zip code

In addition to the resources above, there is an entire section devoted to Adult/Lifelong Learning. This section includes High School Equivalency and U.S. Citizenship Test Prep, Microsoft Office Help, Live Tutoring, Skills Building, Writing Lab and a Practice Test Center.

JobNow coaches are available from Monday – Sunday from 3 PM – 11 PM.  All JobNow coaches and resume experts undergo a rigorous selection and training process.  We require applicants to have a four-year degree, be based in the U.S. and submit to a complete background and reference check.  All JobNow coaches and resume experts receive initial and ongoing training in their respective positions. 

So check out JobNow and start a search for a job, for a new job or learn life and academic skills, take practice tests and so much more!


Look How We Stack Up!
by Peggy Ganong, Library Technology Coordinator 



I’m Changing My Schedule for the New Year! 




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