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June 2017 

Letter from the Director

Don’t Keep It a Secret!

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

 You love your library, right? For many of you, NMPL has even transformed your lives. Don’t keep it a secret! Help it to transform other people’s lives who are surprisingly unaware of how wonderful the library is.  You can do this easily by:

  • Telling everyone you know what a wonderful and unique resource NMPL is, every chance you get.
  • Encourage your friends and neighbors to get cards and become library advocates in their own right.
  • Let the Town Council and the Board of Finance know how important NMPL is to you and your family.
  • Write a letter to the editor of The New Milford Spectrum describing why the library is so important to you.
  • Learn more about how the library operates by attending programs, visiting the website and using the resources provided there for you, and by becoming a Friend of the Library.

This is not a secret we want you to keep!

Video Capture

by Peggy Ganong, Library Technology Coordinator

 You have all your home movies and your old favorite films, The problem? They are all on VCR tapes and you can’t share them or view them except on an old VCR tape player (if you can find one!) The solution, NMPL. Yes we can help. We have just purchased 4 copies of the Elgato Video Capture Kits for patrons to borrow. These kits may be used to transfer video from analog sources (such as a VCR or camcorder) to your computer. The easy-to-use Elgato Video Capture software guides you through every step, from connecting an analog video source to capturing video as a high quality H.264 file. With just one click, you can: 1) add your video to iTunes or to your Windows Media Player library, 2) play back the video on your computer or sync it with your iPad or iPhone, 3) upload your video directly to YouTube. And  you can edit it right away in iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker. So to highlight, the kit:

  • Captures video in the universal H.264 digital format – ready for iPad, iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker, and YouTube
  • Is world-ready; it handles NTSC, SECAM, PAL and PAL/60 video
  • Comes with a composite video/RCA stereo cable and SCART adapter
  • Includes Elgato Video Capture software for Mac and Windows

So stop by the library, present your library card and check out one of the kits and all the corresponding documentation and instructions. Don’t have a VCR player? We can help there too, we currently have a player which you may also check out! For more information on Video Capture, go to


Money Savers at the Library – Part 2

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

 This month has another big celebration with Father’s Day on June 18th and, of course, there are all the graduations and weddings, too, so don’t forget to check Consumer Reports again before you buy any gifts!

Are you taking that dream vacation? Or need to have another language for your job? We have several free ways to teach yourself and not spend a dime.  For many languages, we have CD audiobooks to check out, so you can learn in your car.  Or if you don’t have a CD player any more, download the audio to your phone from Oneclick digital.  Just search for the language you want and for at least French and Spanish, you’ll have a couple of options (Pimsleur and Living Language).  Or learn at home through our language instruction resource, Mango Languages.   Over 72 languages are available (including English!) and you can learn at home, at night, in your pajamas with maybe a plate of cookies to get your brain moving.

Are you a genealogy buff? We hope you aren’t paying for, since we have it available in the library on any of the public access computers.  If you are new to genealogy, this is a terrific way to start – take a look at what is available in the screenshot below.



Is improving your technology skills one of your goals for your job or for life?  We offer one-on-one instruction for various topics – just call 860-355-1191, x4 for an appointment.  Plus we offer courses on various topics, such as Windows 10, Facebook, Word, etc.  Take a look at our calendar to see what is coming up. Finally, need something right away? Can’t get to the library? Maybe one of these free online opportunities from  will help.

Most of these require an NMPL card, so make sure yours is up to date so you can take advantage of these money savers!

Exciting New Service Coming Soon!

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

You are loving our new hotspots, so we are planning further technology for you to take home and try.  We are purchasing four Kindle Fires that will have access to all of our ebook platforms.  This way, you can download a book or books while you are in the library (if you don’t have wi-fi at home) and then try out reading ebooks at home or on vacation. It’s much lighter than a regular book!

The Kindle Fires will be loaned out just as the hotspots are – checked out for two weeks with one renewal, no holds, and $5/day late fine.  Keep an eye on the website or facebook for their availability!

Coffee and Cookies with the Director

by Sally Tornow, Library Director

Talking to you is one of my favorite parts of the job.  In fact, it’s been a favorite part in all the different positions I’ve held here at NMPL, since I learn so much from you. However, I’m not out on the ‘floor’ as much as I used to be and I am missing the conversations and friendships. So, with the advent of a new year, I have added a cookie treat to my Tuesday Coffee with the Director program. Please drop in and say hello! Bring your ideas, bring your questions, or just say hi – I want to see you!


From the Ashes Documentary Screening


Meet One of Most Valued Volunteers: Kathy Kelly

by Amy Berkun, Children’s Associate


The NMPL has the best volunteers and one of our most valued volunteers is Kathy Kelly!

Kathy Kelly was born in Queens, NY, the oldest of three girls. Her mother worked in a clothing store in Astoria and her father worked for the Parks Department. Recently, she and her sisters returned to their neighborhood and many stores had changed, but Kathy’s favorite pizza place was still there!

 Kathy met her husband Tom working at a textile company in Manhattan. They married in 1969. The couple moved to Boston in 1970, and Kathy found a job at General Motors, working at the company for the next 24 years. Then in 1977, Kathy and Tom moved to New Milford, where they had a 53-mile commute every weekday to White Plains.

These days, Kathy volunteers at the New Milford Hospital and the library. She has always loved crafts and knitting, so she joined Knit Wits. And the members of the Mystery Book Club are happy that Kathy joined their club because she bakes tasty treats for each meeting! Kathy also likes to read, of course. She enjoys Gone With the Wind and Stephen King mysteries. Kathy believes that we shouldn’t judge people because you don’t know their story-or what’s in their hearts. We at the NMPL want to thank Kathy Kelly for all her volunteering-and for sharing her big heart with us!




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