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Monthly Newsletter – June 2018

Letter from the Director
by Sally Tornow, Library Director

After last month’s enormously long letter, I promise to keep this one very short! 

The trouble with surveys is that you don’t know how poorly you have devised the questions until the survey is complete. While we did obtain much good information, we didn’t ask the right questions to retrieve the information we needed. You were immensely complimentary about the library and its services, and we all certainly love to hear that, but we didn’t ask the right questions to find out what you want us to improve. Overall, our collections are good, our programming is great, our staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and our building should be improved – that’s what we learned, in a nutshell. However, what we wanted to learn was specifically what we can do to make the collections, programming, and our staff better (you have already told us how to improve the building!) Everything is a learning experience, as was this survey, so now we know better how to ask on the next one. We’ll get there!

Community Service Project
by Jody Hyman, ILL Associate                           


Family Search – Genealogy Update

by Peggy Ganong, Library Technology Coordinator

Many of you have been using the Family Search database for your genealogical research. As you know, we used to offer the option of borrowing microfilm materials for you to use here at the library to view your records. Well the staff at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been busy digitizing their collections, so now you can access the records in the comfort of your home!

Here is the newest information and links:

On September 1, 2017, FamilySearch discontinued its microfilm distribution services. This change is due to FamilySearch’s microfilm digitization efforts and the obsolescence of microfilm technology. Online access to digital images allows FamilySearch and its affiliates to reach more patrons faster and more efficiently. FamilySearch has now digitally reproduced the bulk of its microfilm collection-over 1.5 billion images so far-including the most requested collections based on microfilm loan records worldwide. The remaining microfilms should be digitized by 2020, and all new records from its ongoing global efforts are already using digital camera equipment.

Digital images of historical records can be accessed today in three places on under Search:

  • Records include historical records indexed by name or organized with an image browse.
  • Books includes digital copies of books from the Family History Library and other libraries
  • Catalog includes a description of genealogical materials (including books, online materials, microfilm, microfiche, etc.) in the FamilySearch collection, including millions of online images not yet available in Records or Books.

For navigation help, see Finding Digital Images on

For more information, see Digital Records Access Replacing Microfilm or call the library at 860-355-1191 x207.

Also please NOTE, beginning on December 13, 2017, all patrons that visit Family Search will receive a prompt to register for a free FamilySearch Account (or sign into your existing account) in order to search records. Please click here for details.

How Holds Work
by Sally Tornow, Library Director                     

I know from the survey (74% of you!) that most of you love the fact that you can request a book (put it on hold) from another library and you receive an email, text or phone call that it has arrived. I’m also betting that you have no idea how the whole process works. It’s really quite complicated, as the chart below indicates. Amazing, isn’t it? Given what the poor book goes through, please think twice about not picking it up when you receive that notification! 


Library Lingo

by Sally Tornow, Library Director 

Every organization has its own lingo that annoys everyone NOT in that organization. We are no different, and while we try to keep our use of it to you at a minimum, some just creep in when we’re not paying attention. So, here is a (very) little dictionary.

Bibliomation: New Milford Public Library is part of a system (consortium) of connected libraries that are organized by Bibliomation. We all operate under some of the same rules, we all use the same circulation system, and our catalogs are connected.

Circulation: The whole process of checking out an item; returning it; placing and having it on hold.

Evergreen: Evergreen is the software we use to manage circulation and cataloging items.

Hotspot: This is a very handy item you can check out from the library that will give you free wi-fi. Vacation, picnic on the green, no wi-fi at home (people found it very useful when they lost their own internet connection in the recent storm) – it can be used almost anywhere. Unfortunately, not in Yellowstone, we’ve been told.

ILL: Interlibrary loan or Intralibrary loan. Items that are loaned to you that come from other libraries. Interlibrary loan is from a library that is not part of our system. Intralibrary loan or Bibliomation request is an item coming from one of our system of 60 libraries.

I’m sure there are many more, so feel free to ask me if there’s one that has puzzled you! (

What’s Coming Up in 2018-2019?

by Sally Tornow, Library Director 

We all know that this is a difficult budget year for New Milford and every department has had to make sacrifices for the coming fiscal year. The library is no different, so there are some things we want you all to know that we won’t be offering any more after July 1. The decision to cut these items was made purely on how little these items were used by our patrons. With the elimination of those unused items and with the very generous support of our FRIENDS organization, we were actually able to add a few new items. In addition, due to a very generous anonymous donor, we are able to offer The Foundation Center online for another two years, so all of you with connections to needy non-profits, come in and find a grant for them! 

Going Away

Learning Express (online practice testing)
Historical New York Times (online access to all issues)
National Geographic Archive (online access)
World Book (online access)
Small Business Reference (online business resource)
Hartford Courant (newspaper)


General Reference Center Gold (general research)
Small Business Builder (online business guides and templates)

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