Monthly Newsletter – November 2018

Letter from the Director
by Sally Tornow, Library Director

Thanks to all of you who have supported our efforts, turned out in droves to many Town Council meetings, attended focus group meetings, and voiced your opinions, the Library renovation plans have made it further than any previous attempts. The make or break vote is this Tuesday, Nov. 6th – PLEASE go vote, make your friends vote, and I even urge you to accost strangers in the grocery store! 

The wording on the ballot (it is Question 4) is as follows:

“Shall the sum of $6,500,000 be appropriated for the proposed renovation and expansion of the New Milford Public Library and authorize the issue of bonds, notes, or temporary notes for financing of the same, with the balance of the project to be funded by grants and private contribution?” 

We have inundated those of you on Facebook with facts about the Library, but for those of you not on FB, make sure you take a look at the accompanying fliers, so if you really do accost the person in the grocery store, you will have facts to share with him or her! 

We are so very grateful for the bipartisan action taken by the Town Council and Mayor Bass (they voted unanimously to send the project to referendum), all the work done by the Modernization Committee over the past three years, our FRIENDS of NMPL, and the efforts of our Board of Trustees for their efforts over the last 20 years to renovate the Library. All of YOU, our patrons, deserve a 21st century library and considering the newest part of the current library was built in the second half of the 20th century, it is overdue. Make sure you vote on Nov. 6th!! 


All the Benefits of the New Building!

by Sally Tornow, Library Director 


The Value of a Library

by Sally Tornow, Library Director 





And if you DON’T use the library…
by Sally Tornow, Library Director

 Increased property values, job skills development, and strengthening of social services are all examples of the public value libraries create.

That means that these are ways in which libraries benefit even those who never set foot inside.

For example, if an imaginary person named George was trying to launch a business – he knew what he wanted to do and was good at it, but had no experience with running his own firm. Not knowing what else to do, George went to his local library and partook in the numerous resources it offers to small business owners. A year later, his business is providing a useful service to customers, paying wages to local workers, supporting local governance through taxes, and earning him and his family a decent life. Now, multiply George by fifty or a thousand, and you get the public value of libraries. (Everylibrary.org)

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