Library Modernization

Last week, we held four focus group sessions to learn what you, the users of the library, want in a modernized building.  Our architectural firm, Lothrop Associates, led lively discussions, asked the important questions, and recorded the answers of roughly 50 people who volunteered their time and opinions. I would have liked to thank all the participants here by name for their generosity, but that would invade their privacy – I just want all of you who participated to know how much we appreciate your efforts!  Also, for any of you who wanted to attend but couldn’t, please feel free to email me or call with your input.  Just remember that NOW is the time to express your opinion because once the designs are done, it is very expensive to change them!

The architects will now take all the information they have gathered from the survey, the staff, the Modernization Committee, and the focus groups and begin to work on specific design plans.  This process will take a few months, but we will be keeping you posted on the progress. Keep an eye out for next month’s newsletter in which we’ll introduce you to the Modernization Committee members who have worked so hard to get us this far!

For more information or questions, please contact Sally Tornow at or 860-355-1191 x 210.